Equipment and machinery for all the processing stages of the poultry industry

INDUMETAVI S.R.L., is an Argentinian company dedicated to the design, production and comercialization of equipment and machinery for all the processing stages of the poultry industry; with more than 40 years in the market guaranteed by the personalized service and customer care offering, besides the machinery, full advice for the construction and start up of a high technology poultry processing industry with the posibility of enlarging the instalations and production.


The commercial profile of INDUMETAVI S.R.L. Is focused on the projection of our products and services to the whole world, achieving a solid presence in the international market through the high quality standards offered in our products; And the responsibility and commitment arranged in the operations of our company. All this makes us a point of reference for our customers.
Our company currently exports machinery to the USA, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Barbados, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica, Algeria, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua; Continuing the constant search for new horizons.

Our Products

We have a complete line of products and spare parts for the processing of poultry (chickens, turkeys and ducks).

We provide technological solutions for each of the stages of the process, focusing on innovation and service. For INDUMETAVI technological innovation is a relevant point within our company philosophy.

Within our range of poultry slaughterhouse machinery, you can find machines for live poultry handling, slaughtering and plucking, evisceration, gible processing, weighing and quality grading, refrigeration, chopping, cutting and deboning, marinating, porting and slicing, Meat picking, automated batching, processed products, packaging and end of the line.


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